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Create custom stickers with the AI sticker generator,Transform Your Ideas Into Premium Quality Stickers! Bring your unique sticker ideas to life with just a text prompt or transform any face into a custom sticker masterpiece with our AI stickers generator

Text To Sticker

Face To Sticker

Input a phrase prompt simple 'cute cat', 'cool car', or any fun idea and hit 'Generate' to see the AI stickers!

How to Use AI Stickers Generator

Dive into the world of personalized stickers with our AI Stickers Generator! Whether you’re looking to express your ideas through custom designs or want give a personal touch to your communications, our AI tool offers two seamless methods create stickers that are uniquely you.


Text prompt to Stickert

Unleash your creativity with just words! use 'text-to-sticker' method is perfect for when you have a specific concept in mind. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: input Your prompt

Enter your sticker idea into the text box. Use descriptive words to best convey your vision.

Step 2: Generate Your Sticker

Click the 'Generate' button to see your sticker come to life! The AI Stickers Generator will create a unique design based on your prompt.


Transform Your Selfie into a Sticker

Put a face to your creativity! use 'face-to-sticker' method allows you to turn any selfie into a sticker masterpiece. Here’s how:

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

Upload a clear, front-facing photo to our platform. Ensure your face is visible for the AI to work its magic.

Step 2: input Your prompt

If you don’t add any descriptive prompts, the AI will default to creating a sticker of 'a person.'

Step 3: Generate Your Sticker

Click ‘Generate’, and watch as your photo becomes a fun, personalized sticker.

With the AI Stickers Generator, making your custom stickers is easy and fun. Experiment with both methods to find your favorite way to express yourself. Start now and add a personal touch to your digital and physical spaces!Ready to get started? and let the AI Stickers Generator do the magic! try now!

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What is AI Stickers?

      AI Stickers website is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence to enable users to create custom stickers effortlessly. Whether you're inspired by a simple text prompt or want to transform a photo into a unique decal, our AI technology facilitates a personalized sticker-making experience. The website boasts a wide selection of free sticker categories, from car and cute stickers to funny and anime styles. For enthusiasts, our platform also offers the ability to generate themed stickers including Minecraft stickers, Hello Kitty stickers, and festive Christmas stickers, catering to a variety of tastes and celebrations. It’s a user-friendly and fun way to express your creativity and personalize your digital and physical spaces.

    • What are the features of AI Stickers?

      Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, the AI Stickers generator offers a seamless experience in creating high-resolution, print-ready stickers, perfect for enhancing both digital platforms and physical items. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it ensures an effortless creation process, accessible to both tech enthusiasts and beginners alike. The swift processing power of AI allows for instant previews and easy adjustments, catering to your creative needs in real time. Additionally, the platform enables easy sharing and downloading of custom stickers, making it simple to personalize your digital conversations and share your creations on social media and other digital channels.

    • What are the Benefits of AI Stickers?

      AI Stickers enables users to create their stickers, offering a platform for crafting personalized photo stickers and digital art with ease. It boasts a wide array of customizable sticker templates and commands, allowing users to effortlessly discover and apply intriguing sticker effects. This feature-rich environment empowers users to explore their creativity, ensuring that every sticker is not only personalized but also unique and engaging.

    • Can AI Stickers be used for commercial purposes?

      Currently, AI Stickers is in a research preview phase and is not intended for real-world commercial applications, adhering to the terms and conditions of the fofr/sticker-maker and fofr/face-to-sticker models. Its use is primarily aimed at personal, academic, or experimental purposes.However, there are plans for future development towards commercial uses.

    • What is AI Stickers Generator?

      The AI Stickers Generator is a feature of the AI Stickers website, designed to turn your ideas into personalized stickers through the magic of artificial intelligence. This innovative tool empowers users to create stickers in various styles, unlocking the door to artistic creation and the joy of customized designs. It offers two primary modes for generating stickers: creating from text prompts and transforming images into sticker art. Whether you're aiming to express concepts through words or see your photos reimagined as colorful, personalized stickers, the AI Stickers Generator opens up a world of creativity and fun, making it an ideal platform for exploring the endless possibilities of sticker art.

    • What model does AI Stickers Generator use?

      The AI Stickers Generator utilizes two sophisticated models hosted on the Replicate platform to turn your ideas into vibrant stickers: the fofr/face-to-sticker and fofr/sticker-maker. The fofr/face-to-sticker model is designed to transform uploaded facial photos into creative stickers, allowing for personalized expressions in digital communications. Meanwhile, the fofr/sticker-maker model excels at generating stickers from text descriptions, enabling users to bring any concept to life, from whimsical characters to detailed scenes. These cutting-edge models offer a seamless blend of technology and creativity, making it easier than ever to create custom stickers for social media, personal projects, or any digital platform, thereby enhancing your digital presence with unique, personalized touches.

    • What is the quality of AI stickers images?

      AI stickers are generated in various resolutions to meet different needs, offering quality options of 512x512, 768x768, and up to 1024x1024 pixels. The highest quality option available is the 1024x1024 high-resolution image, which is ideal for downloading and printing stickers. This range ensures that your stickers will look sharp and clear, whether they are used digitally or physically, providing flexibility and quality for your creative projects.

    • How long does it take for AI Stickers Generator to create a sticker?

      The time it takes for AI Stickers Generator to produce a sticker varies depending on the conversion method used, the complexity and length of the description, as well as the desired image quality. For the Text-to-Sticker Conversion, a simple image like a cat can be generated in approximately 3 seconds at a resolution of 512x512 pixels. If opting for a higher resolution of 1024x1024, the process might take about 6-8 seconds. On the other hand, the Face-to-Sticker Conversion time is influenced by both the size of the uploaded photo and the detail in the description. Based on tests, generating a face-to-sticker can take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds, ensuring that even the most detailed stickers are produced quickly and efficiently.

    • How to Make Stickers with the AI Stickers Generator?

      There are two methods to make stickers with our service. One is by generating stickers through text, where you only need to input a brief prompt to make one. Ideas can range from 'smiling sun' to 'dancing cat'. The other method involves uploading a photo that includes a face, and then entering a corresponding descriptive prompt to transform the face into a unique sticker. For more details, please refer to the how-to-use section.

    • Are the stickers generated by the AI stickers generator free?

      Yes, the stickers generated by the AI stickers generator are free to use. Currently, the service allows for the creation of stickers without any cost, providing users with an accessible way to explore their creativity and generate personalized stickers. Keep in mind, as the platform evolves, there might be updates to its service offerings, including potential premium features or paid options for advanced functionalities.

    • How can I print the stickers I've generated?

      Currently, on the sticker detail page, you have two download options for your generated stickers: one is a transparent background PNG, and the other is a non-transparent background PNG. Both options are available for download and printing according to your needs. In the future, we plan to integrate with online printing platforms, allowing you to directly print your custom stickers online after creation. Stay tuned for these exciting updates to make your sticker printing even more convenient.

    • Can I share the stickers created with the AI sticker generator on social media?

      Yes, you can share the stickers created with the AI sticker generator on social media platforms. After generating your sticker, you can download it as a PNG file and share it on various social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This feature allows you to showcase your creativity and share your unique stickers with friends, family, and followers, adding a personalized touch to your digital presence.